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The Start!


 WearRedorgoNaked was founded on December 27th, 2014.  The basic idea of #WearRedorgoNaked was to raise as much awareness for Congenital Heart Defects as physically possible.  There was so much inspiration in the heart community that we were sure we had to get involved.  Stopping is only an option when every one is aware that Congenital Heart Defects exist, and that they are a growing issue in this country and need to be stopped.  Funding, research, knowledge, and group events are the easiest way for us to increase the amount of awareness there is in our communities.  Together we can all make a difference in the Heart Community, and hopefully one day be part of the movement that will find a cure to this nasty serial killer, CHD.. 

Who We Are!


 Our Board of Directors are made up of Heart Moms, Heart Dads, and Heart Children, and Heart Warriors!  We are determined to keep all of the donations we receive local, to families and hospitals, where we can see a direct affect that it has on a Heart Family. We know first hand what it is like to sleep in a hospital chair, and forgetting essentials like a tooth brush, or blanket.  We know that children are smarter than we think they are, and even though they get the, "kiddie" version of whats happening, they totally understand.  So that is why we build journals, for the Heart Warriors, AND their parents.  This is why we created these care packages, so that we can let an entire heart community know, no matter how they feel, they are not alone.  There will always be support.  And sometimes, that smile that a Heart Kid has when he receives his "Heart Warrior," bracelet, is just enough smile to get them through the day. 

Why We're Here!



Skies are the limit when it comes to Team WearRed.  We challenge ourselves every day to come up with events so that we can include as many different people, groups, and kids as possible.  Our goal is to switch it up from event to event, so even if its for a few hours, we forget the struggles that we face daily, because of this horrible disease.  CHD has affected so many, too many, and we need to stand up and do something.  We need to Raise Awareness, so that it can get the proper funding that it deserves.  Team WearRed will never stop fighting for that, come join us!

If you are interested in joining Team WearRed, or want to be involved with any of our events, please let us know!! 

Help Local Families

Every penny goes toward local families.. you can help change the world! 

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